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Team Members

As of 12/28/16

Alex Honka from Florida

Case Collier

Seth Quintero from California

Danny Broderick from Massachusetts

Tanner Slater from Georgia

Matthew Gerber

Austin Rohrer from Illinois

Anthony Herring II from Georgia

Jay Dee

Kyle Delsignore from Massachusetts

Ryan Riedel from Minnesota

Charlie Fowler from Virginia

Josh Munoz 

Instagram Page @Fisherman.of.the.day

Damian Ramos from Naples, Florida

Riley Highfill from Virginia

Nico Anthony from San Diego, California 

Hunter Pickett from Lake Charles, Louisiana

Isaac Evans from Oklahoma

Wil Cooke from Texas

CJ Davis from Lake City, Florida

Tommy Perkins from Mooresville, North Carolina (Part of Southfork Bassmasters Club)

James Waters from Lake City, Florida

Justus Armstrong from Ohio

Gavin Povick

Miller Edwards from North Carolina

Jack Hillman from Indiana 

Paige Evans from Oklahoma

Carter Atwell from Oklahoma

Austin Swann from Alabama

Nathan Smith from Oklahoma

Kyle Anderson from Illinois

Hunter Brunke from Illinois

Moises Vicente from Miami, Florida

Max Barnett

Kolby Pillars

Maximos Filadelfo from Florida

Caleb Hager from North Carolina

Austin Barnes

Trent Nelson

Jason Vorster

Tyler Bode

Spencer Lambert

Gabe Rogets

Nick Garbarino


Vince Wimmer

Joshua Porter

Everett Shelton

Weston Beck from ArkansaS

Sterling Scott

Will Stonestreet

Aidan Ford

Kristopher Allen from Star Idaho

Christian Idleman

Manuel Nevarez

Blake Takmajian

Tyler Brady

Bryce Bettinger, Instagram @Brycelessfishing

Tim Butler

Greg McAdams

Connor Pargman

Dylan Collen

Jack Brown

Chase Campbell

Hunter Stolpmann

​Phillip Girardin

Chase Campbell

Logan Hunt

Melissa Williamson

Tyler Kindle

Sam Pickard

Jack Delabar

Aaron Navarro 

Jordan Maadi

Esteban Julian- Gonzalez

Dante B. 

Chris Liobis 

Peter DeLaPena

Hunter Lingo

Justin Schwenk

Ryan Rucker from Rutledge, Tennessee

Angel Mariscal from El Monte, California

Keenan Foley from Greeley, Colorado

Garrett T. Combs from Statesville, North Carolina

Cameron Wilt from Columbus, Ohio

Marco Lucato from Italy

Ryan Butler from Spring, Texas

Jake McCabe from Frederick, MD